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Take the confusion and uncertainty out of label reading with scientifically proven clinical studies behind every recommendation.

Improve Health

This is what it's all about! Living live to the fullest. Preventing disease from happening. Improving treatments with food as medicine. 80% of chronic disease is caused by food... SO, 80% can be prevented with food.

Save Time

Even if you actually knew the impact of every ingredient in a product, who has time to read it when you can scan it in a second

Earn Cash

That's right, you get paid for making healthier choices! Healthy brands want your business too. Great brands pay you to switch hoping for your life long loyalty. ​

Partner Benefits


30 years later, the tenets of the Harvard Business Review “Zero Defections” hold true: retaining customers costs a fraction of acquiring new ones.


The #1 Worldwide consultancy McKinsey & Company discusses “The future of wellness: Connected and customized”.  

What Consumers Want

  • 52% of consumers read food labels

  • They want to know what’s good or bad for them

  • Go/No replaces label reading with scanning

  • It delivers instant exacting results

  • Confidence in the facts that clinical studies deliver

  • Rewards. And they never thought they could make money from trying to live healthier!

What Partners Want

  • Increased number of shoppers

  • Amplified purchases

  • Improved Internet purchases

  • Increased shopper retention

  • Incremental bottom-line revenues

  • Convert shoppers to equally graded, more profitable “own”

  • Daily top-of-mind brand awareness for your Store brand

  • Millions in potential economic impact through incremental “own” brand sales

  • Medical authenticity and association

  • Healthier, happier shoppers

  • Alignment and participation in improving

  • Upsell & cross-sell condition-specific products to improve

  • Use Rx information to recommend products for Rx depletions and adjuvants and prevent contraindications.