Assuring Shopper Trust in Food as Medicine

The time is ripe to leverage Food as Medicine to increase profitability and build indelible loyalty with your shoppers by meeting their aspirations for improving their health and wellness. 

Grocery Retailers have the unique opportunity to advance by helping shoppers with their health and wellness journeys at a time when they are laser-focused on it.

Trust is paramount. As shoppers look for information to help them make healthier choices, their trust in the information is critical. The rules that govern GoNo include:

Every ingredient grade is backed by peer-reviewed clinical studies conducted by unbiased third parties. These third parties include researchers, colleges, universities, medical associations, hospitals, physicians, scientists, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners. The grade assigned to an ingredient represents the probability that such an ingredient will have a positive or negative effect on a large cohort of randomly selected people based upon the findings of the relevant clinical study. The calculation of product grades is algorithmically derived using our patented Efficacy Engine®, which evaluates individual ingredient efficacy in relation to each disease state (and condition goal) and uses AI to compute net product efficacy. ANY negative ingredient grade (D, E, F) results in a “NO” product grade. >> more infoThe Formulary Panel is comprised of leading physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, scientists, philosophers, chemists, and nutritionists focused on health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. They are responsible for authentication of the Efficacy Engine, approving sources of scientific evidence by use of the Efficacy Engine, governance, and oversight. >> more info