Careers @ GoNo

Independent Sales Representative - Nutrition Supplement Industry

Open only to EXISTING nutritional supplement representatives who want to increase revenue from non-competitive product lines. 100% Commission.
Positions available throughout the United States

The GoNo Food Finder App is sold through medical practices to patients. The App determines what foods are good or bad for each person in the treatment or prevention of disease, all backed by third-party, peer-reviewed, clinical studies. The App is offered through medical practices to their patients and purchased through the Apple/Android Store. It significantly increases practice revenue and patient outcomes and can easily deliver over $120,000 of additional income to each Rep.

Utilizing your existing book of business, present the GoNo App to medical practices and other organizations that meet our partnership requirements. The GoNo App compliments any nutritional supplement, healthy food or beverage. In fact, the GoNo App can be used as a tool by practitioners to support their recommendation of such supplements, foods, and beverages as it provides clear, unbiased recommendations relative to a patient’s health needs. Leverage the power of our App solution to secure new clients.
With 3 – 5 hours of training, you will become an expert in our App. While the science behind it is incredibly complex, the App is amazingly simple. It should take you no more than two minutes to inspire practitioners to want to hear more, and no more than twenty minutes to close the deal. We provide all of the post-sales, education, training and support activities thereafter while you maintain the relationship and reap the rewards.
You will maintain relationships and act as the practitioner’s concierge while being our emissary, following up with each practice for the first couple of months and thereafter as needed. We use Pipedrive CRM to manage all accounts and communications and have a mandatory 30 minute weekly team meeting to share best practices, answer questions, solve problems and successes.
Our target market is medical practices in chiropractic, dermatology, functional medicine, plastic surgery, podiatry, dentistry, orthopedics and other practices actively involved in selling products to their patients.

  • An existing book of current business with at least 200 practices
  • Complimentary product lines
  • Highly motivated, self-starter, who requires minimal supervision
  • Transparent Team player and active problem-solver, willing to share failures and successes
  • Punctual, articulate, and dedicated to both the practice and the Company
  • Committed to keeping promises
  1. How many medical practices are you selling to at present?
  2. How many additional medical practices do you have relationships with?
  3. What percentage of these practices did you acquire yourself?
  4. What product lines are you representing?
  5. Which of the following practice types are you selling into: chiropractors, osteopaths, dietitians, podiatrists, orthopods, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, integrative, alternative, complementary, or concierge practices?
You will be an Independent 1099 Contractor and are free to work whatever hours in whatever manner you choose and will have milestones to be met. If there are practitioner meetings or conferences in your area, we may well want you to attend.
GoNo Food Finder LLC is an equal opportunity employer and consider all qualified applicants equally without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or disability status.