Add True Health, Proven Efficacy, Product Alternatives, and an Endless Aisle

Grocery stores require less inventory today, freeing up shelves to create specialty spaces to meet the needs of specific consumer groups. Adding sections like “Lower Cholesterol”, “Lower Blood Pressure”, “Fight Diabetes”, “Improve Sleep”, and more with products clinically proven relative to these issues will attract new customers and greater loyalty. To do this, you need GoNo Food Finder to determine which products have legitimate unbiased efficacy.

Proven Efficacy

Our patented Efficacy Engine allows consumers to quickly create a profile, scan or enter a UPC, and immediately determine whether that product is good or BAD for them as an individual. 

Healthy Alternatives

This vs That. That is the question. For our Founder, Adam Southam, white potatoes, white rice, bananas and round onions (Allium Cepa) are bad for him but wild rice, yams, mangoes and the beautiful Allium Crispum onion are great for him.

Endless Aisle

Stock the 20% of products that sell 80% of the time, reduce inventory levels to what’s needed this week, decrease commodity floorspace, and create health condition specific specialty sections, then get the rest of the products your customers need from us while benefiting from 35% of our profits.