GroceryShop 2023 Recap

Recapping GroceryShop, our mission is Food as Medicine and we all get to profit with a purpose!

Achieve extreme shopper loyalty, retention, profits & health outcomes with increased OWN brand sales and unparalleled shopper data using our patented Food as Medicine solution.

Shoppers enter their medical conditions, wellness goals, allergies, diets, preferences, etc., on their phones, tablets, or laptops and receive food grades based upon unbiased, peer-reviewed clinical evidence. The solution learns their taste preferences and delivers the best-tasting foods that are best for them. We’re replacing label reading (and 52% of consumers do that today) with label scanning like Uber replaced taxis. 

We work with every e-commerce platform, loyalty, rewards, coupon, or CRM solution and would like to demonstrate how imperative our patented solution is. I’m attaching a quick solution overview and look forward to talking with you soon.

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