Improve Outcomes, Decrease Costs, Gain Patient Insights, Increase Profits

Insurance Companies are explicitly aligned with the goals of their Insureds. Both want better outcomes, lower cost of care, greater benefits, and improved health and longevity. Insurance companies want to increase their competitive advantage, increase profits, and gain insights into insured behavior and treatment protocols. GoNo Food Finder’s strategy is to use its core patented Efficacy Engine® to help consumers make informed choices about the foods, beverages, and supplements that are clinically proven to benefit them on an individual basis.

Improve Outcomes

  • Maximize treatments

  • Extend wellness through treatments of co-morbidities

  • Leverage diet and nutrition

  • Mitigate risk for chronic diseases

  • Improve surgical outcomes

Lower Cost / Raise Profit

  • Reduce prescription usage

  • Reduce hospital visits

  • Reduce disease recurrence


Data & Insights

  • Track dietary compliance

  • Understand habits

  • Analyise grocery purchases