Most Profitable Pursuits for 2024

With the new year comes outstanding opportunities for Grocery Stores to make significant advances that translate into increased revenues and bottom-line profitability. We leverage technology that delivers healthier foods to consumers to meet their requirements while augmenting consumer loyalty, increasing your private label sales, growing cart size by upselling and cross-selling products that are relevant to consumers’ medical conditions, wellness goals, personal preferences, and tastebud profiles.

Last year, we sent you a series of emails on these subject matters and more and will continue to do so for as long as they are valuable to you.
GoNo is the only clinically proven Food-as-Medicine App for consumers to determine what foods are good or bad for their individual medical conditions and wellness goals. We empower consumers to make the right decision based on what is available at the physical or online grocery store. Consumer loyalty is cemented by grocers providing authentic personalized precision medicine that results in greater cart size, conversion to own brands, cross-selling to medically relevant products, unequivocal consumer data, and the bolstering of brand value through medical authenticity.

Food as Medicine can be your most profitable pursuit in 2024. Let’s connect to discuss your challenges and goals so that we may provide insight and strategy that best serves you.

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