Nearly 70% of Center Store Sales Purchased Online Are Being Diverted.

Findings from a poll of 1,000 consumers Grocery Dive (download here) recently conducted with market research firm Inmar Intelligence suggest that the grocery industry faces obstacles as it looks to convert customer relationships built in stores to online — especially where the center store sales that are key to grocers’ bottom lines are concerned.

Three-quarters of survey participants said the center store is “absolutely” or “mostly” relevant to their shopping habits. But just 9% of respondents said they use their local grocery store’s e-commerce service to shop this department, while nearly 70% indicated they turn to Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Costco for their favorite center store staples.

Personalization strategies are the key to holding online customers while improving the customer experience for the in-store shopper. Grocers now have access to GoNo Food Finder’s ability to tell shoppers the right nutritional preferences based on their medical conditions and health goals. This personalization capability can keep your shoppers from online defection.

GoNo is the only clinically proven Food as Medicine App for consumers to determine what foods are good or bad for their individual medical conditions and wellness goals. We empower consumers to make the right decision from what’s available to them at the physical or online grocery store. Consumer loyalty is cemented by grocers providing authentic personalized precision medicine that results in greater cart size, conversion to own brands, cross-selling to medically relevant products, unequivocal consumer data, and the bolstering of brand value through medical authenticity.

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