Practice Benefits


Harvard teaches us what most of us already know: the value of keeping a patron far exceeds the benefits in acquiring a new one. Loyal patrons become promoters to others. Loyal patrons end up spending more on an annualized basis. The GoNo App serves to increase loyalty in several ways:
  • simplification of tedious tasks
  • clarity in a world of confounded confusion and false claims
  • your brand repeatedly presented every time the App is used
  • meaningful, measurable results


Remedies are what we all aspire to deliver, whether through your practice, through our knowledge, or through patient engagement, this is our sole purpose.


Partner revenues can be very significant and are without limit. By inspiring and recommending a mere 100 App subscribers a month, the resulting cumulative revenue exceeds $25,000 in the first year. At this modest rate, annual revenues exceed $100,000 in five years. Imagine what you can do with more effort!


We reward App subscribers in up to four ways:
  • $5.00 cash payment for each referral
  • $100.00 cash payment for each physician referral
  • 6% Remedy Rewards cash loyalty points on purchases made at the GoNo store
  • Healthy decision cash awards paid to us by manufacturers for incentivizing brand conversion


The results for both practice and patients can be enormous. Disease states like Type II Diabetes can be mitigated, stopped, or even reversed. Longevity, happiness, and financial security are all results of improved health and wellness. The GoNo App can contribute significantly in all these aspects. All of this conveys to great results for the practice as well.