Personalized Precision Recommendations = Profits

Your shoppers want to make better food choices to improve health, treat disease, increase immunity, or help achieve other wellness goals. What are you doing to support that? We will help you with medical facts and clinical evidence.  

Over half of shoppers read labels to determine which products are beneficial or harmful to them. Most people read the chart but miss the ingredients, and less than 1% understand any of it at all.

With over a decade of development of our proprietary AI, we’ve made it simple for consumers to know what foods in your store are right for them. We have 650,000 product UPCs and are growing. 

The GoNo Food Finder takes the tedious task of reading product labels and replaces it with a simple, speedy scan of product barcodes, resulting in recommendations for foods clinically proven good for each individual.

The impact of providing this information will:

  • amplify your loyalty program to influence shoppers to spend more with you
  • Increase sales of your own private-label brands by bringing attention to them as healthier alternatives to national brands  
  • derive greater insights and intelligence of your shoppers
  • deliver personalized precision recommendations to shoppers in a way never seen before

To learn more about what shoppers want and what you have to gain in providing it, click here for our solution overview.