Providing Shoppers Product Info They Demand

72% of grocery shoppers want more information on products and are willing to SWITCH to brands, including your Own brands. GoNo delivers the vast knowledge consumers seek.

NielsenIQ’s Transparency Trends 2023 report proves the point (download here). Food shoppers increasingly prioritize information as shoppers’ evolving attitudes shift towards transparency. Shoppers outlined how they decide if a brand or manufacturer is being transparent. The reward for providing additional information includes more trust, loyalty, and purchases. 72% of shoppers indicated that providing ingredient definitions and explanations leads to more trust and, their willingness to switch to such brands.

GoNo’s Mobile App provides a product’s ingredients by scanning the UPC code. It tells the consumer what products are good or bad to treat or prevent their medical condition(s), giving detailed ingredient descriptions, scientific evidence, grades, and more. It passively teaches consumers about efficacy, provides product and ingredient alternatives that are good for them, and builds indelible trust and confidence. 

GoNo is the only clinically proven Food as Medicine App for consumers to determine what foods are good or bad for their individual medical conditions and wellness goals. We empower consumers to make the right decision from what’s available to them at the physical or online grocery store. Consumer loyalty is cemented by grocers providing authentic personalized precision medicine that results in greater cart size, conversion to own brands, cross-selling to medically relevant products, unequivocal consumer data, and the bolstering of brand value through medical authenticity.

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