Proving Value & Winning Loyalty

Grocery Shoppers are demanding more value in 2024. They worry about a recession and the outcomes of the Election. Fortunately, over 83% of Shoppers believe that Own Brands are as healthy as national brands, and 90% believe Own Brands deliver superior value. Read McKinsey’s “The State of Grocery in North America 2023” Report (download here), which also shows that over 80% of consumers buy more with personalization.

GoNo will enable Grocery Retailers to capitalize on these trends by providing personalized precision medicine backed by scientific facts that consumers trust while showing the health benefits of Own Brands for each consumer. 

GoNo is the only clinically proven Food-is-Medicine App for consumers to determine what foods are good or bad for their individual medical conditions and wellness goals. We empower consumers to make the right decision based on what is available at the physical or online grocery store. Consumer loyalty increases with authentic, personalized precision medicine. The results are greater cart size, conversion to Own Brands, cross-selling to medically relevant products, unequivocal consumer data, and the bolstering of brand value through medical authenticity. I’ve attached a summary sheet with further information (download here).