UPC Upload Interface


Please join in the mission to make the world healthier through Food as Medicine by providing detailed information about your products for addition to our database.

GoNo is the precision personalized medicine engine that shows each individual what foods, beverages, supplements, recipes and restaurant menu items are good or bad for them. It is driven by medical conditions, wellness goals, allergies and sensitivities and back by third-party, peer reviewed clinical studies as the basis of truth.

Everyone is different. Every product is different. Our rankings are specific to the person for the product based upon its ingredients. We are agnostic and unbiased for every brand. 

By adding your product information to our database, you assure that your products will be assessed for clinical efficacy relative to each individual. It behooves you to have your products in our database as our users grow and learn to rely upon our rankings, absent of which, shoppers may avoid choosing your brand. 

Please use the utility below to upload your database or contact us directly if you would like to connect your product feed directly via API

Requirements & Instructions

In order to expedite UPC loads, we ask that you prepare files that meet the requirements below and follow the instructions.

  • Permissible file types are .csv, .xls, txt, xml, or json

  • Download the Excel template here and prepare your data so that each UPC/PLU/EAN has its own row or format your xml or json accordingly

  • Images must all be 450px wide by no more than 450px high at 72dpi

  • Acceptable image types are .jpg, .png, webpm

  • White backgrounds only

  • The file name for each product image must match the UPC number for that product

UPC Upload
File Characteristics

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

By entering my signature on this form, I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of the GoNo and certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the data contained in this form and/or uploaded via this website, is true, accurate, and complete and understand that any liability associated with errors or omissions will be borne by my organization and I have the authority to bind the organization.