Upselling Health

Suzy is shopping for salmon in your store. Her doctor says she has high cholesterol. But unless she makes significant changes to her diet, Suzy’s salmon won’t’ stave off the statins. Suzy surely needs more.

So, Suzy shares her medical conditions (and, optionally, wellness goals, allergies, sensitivities, taste preferences, weight, biometrics, DNA, etc) confidentially with GoNo under HIPAA protection. GoNo then recommends products from your inventory that are clinically proven good for Suzy, whether online or in your store. What started as a salmon purchase now includes lentils, sour cream, spinach, and saffron, along with supplements such as Eicosapentaenoic Acid, Beta-Glucan, Beta-Sitosterol, and more.

Upselling Suzy with foods and supplements that address her clinical needs serves Suzy and will deepen her loyalty to you while increasing your profitability.

GoNo is the only clinically proven Food as Medicine App for consumers to determine what foods are good or bad for their individual medical conditions and wellness goals. We empower consumers to make the right decision from what’s available to them at the physical or online grocery store. Consumer loyalty is cemented by grocers providing authentic personalized precision medicine that results in greater cart size, conversion to own brands, cross-selling to medically relevant products, unequivocal consumer data, and the bolstering of brand value through medical authenticity.