WordPress WooCommerce Developer

  • This position is offered with special financial terms

We seek an experienced WordPress developer with both front and back-end skills to work on multiple corporate websites, including https://gono.store, https://gono.pro, and https://gono.app.

The first stage of development involves multiple fixes to these existing websites that will be easily completed in a week. The second stage of development involves complete recreation of all sites to be fully mobile responsive with new design UX and UI. GoNo.Store utilizes our patented SaaS API,  and will include multi-vendor WordPress WooCommerce integrations, advanced custom product filtering, financial transaction management, and multiple API integrations. The ideal candidate will have a passion for building fast, secure, accessible, and innovative digital experiences on the WordPress platform. They will play a significant role in rolling out our online health solution and will work directly with senior management and the development team members. The candidate must have exceptional written and oral English skills, be located in North America, and work remotely.


  1. Employ innovative thought, creativity, and problem-solving skills to push the limits of existing technology.
  2. Work with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to enhance WordPress websites with complex integrations, interactions, APIs, and functionality.
  3. Demonstrate accountability through timely deliverables via agile sprints
  4. Define, find, and assess or build new plugins, frameworks, applications, and platforms for optimal outcomes.
  5. Analyze business requirements and design, develop, test, and publish optimal technical solutions.
  6. Create and maintain product documentation (requirements, specification, design, development, integration, results)
  7. Implement best practices, standards, and procedures including quality and performance of the applications.
  8. Develop and execute unit tests to ensure and maintain source code quality
  9. Backup and deposit all code to Github daily
  10. Do peer code review


  1. Senior level experience in WordPress, WooCommerce, JavaScript and PHP.
  2. Experience consuming REST APIs, JSON and MySQL databases
  3. A deep understanding of HTML, CSS, MySQL, SSH, CLIs and Git.
  4. Knowledgeable in server-based technologies from cloud-provider technologies
  5. A deep understanding of the modern web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  6. Experience with jQuery, AJAX, and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).


  • Experience with JS and PHP frameworks, Elementor, FlxPoint, Laraval.
  • Healthcare, fitness, food, menu, grocery, or insurance experience
  • HIPAA experience


  • Commensurate with ability
  • Performance-based
  • Increases on a sliding scale with speed
  • Equity compensation may also be available 
WordPress Developer
I acknowledge and understand that compensation for this role will be in the form of fees and the grant of equity based upon your performance.
What percentage of equity to cash do you prefer?
Is English your first language?
What type of work are you seeking
How did you find this role

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

About GoNo Food Finder

GoNo® is a heathy Foodtech Healthtech AI company with a patented recommendation engine and a Mobile App that determines which foods are good or bad for an individual’s medical conditions and wellness goals. It uses unbiased, third-party, peer-reviewed medical studies to grade food through foods, beverages, and supplements in grocery stores and, eventually, recipes and restaurant menu items. 

Consumers are demanding healthy food solutions. 52% read labels to determine what is good or bad for them and still have no clue. 60% have chronic disease, 80% of which is caused by foods, creating $3.1 trillion in annual sickcare costs. Our API provides instant “Go” or “No” results with detailed gradings linked to relevant clinical studies and is fully customizable with filters for various diets, restrictions, regional cuisine, food type, ingredient, allergies, sports, and other preferences. It provides alternatives for healthier foods tailored to each person, establishes benchmarks, tracks changes, product frequency, and health outcomes for consumers, physicians, insurance companies and grocery stores.          

GoNo is an innovative, rewarding, inclusive, and agile company. Our goal is to empower everyone to make informed decisions about what is best for their individual needs in food, beverages, supplements, recipes, and menu items. To significantly improve human health through food for prevention; to inspire learning knowledge about food in advancing one’s own health; and to o create economic benefits for consumers, employers, payers, providers, physicians, and health systems for the betterment of all.

Consumer demand for healthier products will result in better farming practices and economic benefit. Improving health of everyone is a cornerstone objective of Food as Medicine, the outcomes of which include greater happiness, better nutrition, decreased hunger, increased satiety, improved productivity, extended longevity, reduced waste, decreased sick leave, healthier children, greater cognition, and the overall advancement of humanity.

Our work environment includes:

  • Work remotely or in health club locations
  • Equity options & ownership
  • Flexible working hours
  • Wellness programs
  • Wholesale foods, beverages, and supplements
  • Significant growth opportunities